Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging as an alternative to Zapier.

Zapier is the most popular software that helps connect your apps and automate workflow. It became the number one tool in this niche, but using Zapier may be too expensive for some businesses since Zapier limits the number of tasks/events you can send in each plan.

This article will explore how you can use Google Tag Manager Server-Side container to replace one of the most popular Zapier automation – send Slack notification on different interactions on your website.

What is Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging?

Server-Side Container is a new feature from Google Tag Manager that moves 3rd party pixels execution into the cloud server. You can read more about GTM server tagging and its benefits in this article. We also have a quick tutorial on setting up a GTM server container and how to run Google Analytics inside the server container. If you want to prevent data loss inside Google Analytics that may happen because of Ad Blocker and ITPs, you may be interested in this article; it describes how to send collect requests to Google Analytics from your subdomain and see full data inside GA. 

Google Tag Manager Server-Side is an entirely new way of arranging tags on your website. It has brought a lot of power to the users. Since the tool is unique, not everyone understands how it can be useful for their company specifically.

There is also a lot of hidden feature inside the GTM server container that will be uncovered in the nearest future

How You Can Use GTM Server-Side Tagging to Replace Zapier.

One of the advantages of using GTM Server-Side is that you can use non-public keys/passwords for your services in tag configuration. It is possible because tags are not processed inside the browser; nobody can see it except you.

This feature allows companies to stop paying Zapier and use only Google Tag Manager Server-Side containers. GTM server is not a free tool, though. If you use native GTM server integration, you’ll pay a minimum of $120/month for Google Cloud Servers. Still, it will include many new possibilities for your website. The most important are: full data inside Google Analytics, higher site page speed, secure data. You can set up a GTM server container for free using our service. With paid plans, you’ll have additional benefits. Check prices and features here

Slack has become a central communication platform for many online businesses. There are specific actions on your website that require immediate actions from your team. It can be a new order, new user registration, helpdesk ticket, etc. Slack notification about this type of activity may streamline your business process, document all events in one place, and make your team members react quickly. 

How to Send a Slack Notification When a New User is Registered?

Below I will describe an example of how to send notifications to Slack about new user registration. Based on that tutorial, you can make other integrations. Frequently used ones among our clients are: sending letters when filling out the feedback form or sending SMS with the number and details of the order.

  1. At first, generate a Webhook URL in slack. Tutorial on how to do that
  2. Create a Trigger for an event of which you want to send a message to Slack.

Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging as an alternative to Zapier create a trigger

3. Create an HTTP Request Tag for Slack Notification. Use the Webhook URL from the first step as Destination Url. Select the Trigger, the one that was created in the previous step.

Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging as an alternative to Zapier Create an HTTP Request Tag for Slack Notification

4. Check that message was sent Slack. Turn on the preview in GTM and perform actions on the site to the trigger conditions’ fulfillment.

Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging as an alternative to Zapier Check that message was sent Slack

5. If everything is done correctly, you will receive a message in Slack.

Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging as an alternative to Zapier check message on slack

For now, the GTM server is something too unique, and many marketers and business owners are avoiding it.  But it will definitely become as popular as the GTM web container and be a must-have for every website. This tool is not free since you’ll use Google Cloud Servers to send events, but GTM server will allow you to save on other services more than the cost of its maintenance. It helps companies to start using it. And such a bonus as first-party cookies dramatically influences the decision.

I think over time, and we will see a lot of creative solutions using this technology.