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Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging Made For You

Whether you’re launching a new website or want to move your existing web container to the server-side, we can offer our assistance.

We can help you set up Google Tag Manager server-side tracking. It will speed up your website, increase data quality, and improve data protection.

When you work with a Google Certified Partner, you’re working with an agency that has proven expertise in Google’s suite of analytics products.

Why choose us

We will help you make better, data-driven decisions.

goole tag manager server side

Personal approach

We strive to adapt to your needs. Feel free to order an audit, analytics implementation, or let us check your entire tracking flow.

A wealth of experience

We’ve been working in digital marketing and web development for more than 10 years. You can trust us never to miss a trick on your tracking setup, website analytics, and campaign optimization.

Certified Partner

As Google Certified specialists, we utilize Google products to their full potential to help your business grow.

What We Do

We can help you measure key website metrics through GTM server-side tagging, GA4, and custom DataStudio dashboards.

GTM Server Setup

We'll help you get the most out of your Google Tag Manager Server-Side Container setup.

  • GTM Server-Side Container
  • Custom Tagging URL
  • GA4 Setup
  • Preventing Data Sampling

Google Analytics Check

Accurately track, measure, and report your website traffic and conversions inside GA.

  • Fixing GA Errors
  • Send raw hit-level GA data
  • Bypass AdBlockers and ITPs
  • DataStudio Reports

Website Audit

We will identify where and how you can improve your website to increase data quality.

  • Web Analytics Audit
  • Tag Manager Migration
  • Data Security
  • Code Check

Case Studies

Fixed Conversion Tracking. Set up GTM Server-Side Tagging and GA4. 

The website owner contacted us with a specific issue that needed to be fixed - Google Analytics was underreporting conversions. It missed around 60% of conversions, which made website analytics impossible.

We did a tracking audit and found out that GA pageview was not firing in Chrome on the website's assessment pages. The assessment was implemented via 3rd party service that was added via iframe.

We've made a decision to move tracking from web GTM container to Server-Side and adjusted GA event tracking code on the assessment pages. It fixed the issue. We also set up GA4 tracking and created custom DataStudio reports that included Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook data.

pmp case studyServer-Side Google Tag Manager Implementation, Tracking Audit.

We helped New Zealand's leading real estate portal move away from hardcoded tracking pixels and implemented Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging.

We added a custom tagging URL inside GTM and GA that allowed us to send Google Analytics requests as a first-party cookie. It increased data accuracy in Google Analytics by 10%, with no data loss due to AdBlockers and ITPs.

We integrated website tracking with the client's CRM; it allowed calculating ROAS and cost/conversion more accurately and built custom Data Studio dashboards.



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